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"The Bridge Between Two Worlds"
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Feathers &
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Who is Jack?
    Rooted in Naparyarmiut (Hooper Bay), born in
Bethel and raised in Anchorage, Alaska, Jack
Dalton has grown up an ambassador between
two worlds, his Yup'ik and European
heritages. A professional storyteller,
writer and teacher, Jack has been
honored by the World Indigenous
Peoples' Conference on Education
as a Distinguished Dignitary, and
considered by many people around
the world, to be "The Storyteller." He
was chosen as one of Alaska’s Top 40
Under Forty, one of the top forty business
people in Alaska under the age of 40. He
also received the first Expressive Arts grant
from the National Museum of the American
Indian to co-create the first Yup'ik opera with
friend and world-famous Yup'ik music group, Pamyua
co-founder, Stephen Blanchett. He's created and produced five theatrical works of storytelling, written a book, several plays and created curricula used in all levels of education. Performing throughout Alaska and the US, he has also performed in New Zealand, France, Denmark, Australia and headlined the Scottish Int'l Storytelling Festival in Scotland. At residencies in schools across the country, he teaches the importance of storytelling to the continuation of all cultures and works with students to create their own stories, thus, continuing the tradition. He also speaks Swedish fluently and carries a great deal of wisdom for one still considered young. Raven Feathers & the Wind is based in Anchorage, where he has called home for most of his life.
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Who is Jack?
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